Rigging Job for a pro!

Hello, my name is Oliver, and I need a rig for this model I have been working on. I have tried so hard to rig it, but I just cant get it right. There is no head, just shoes, pants, hands and a jacket. Below is the link for the model. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me! :slight_smile:



Heres a picture of the model. Thanks again.

I really need this to be completed soon, I would deeply appreciate if someone replied.

I sent you a pm!

Yes, thank you! I read it just now and I am already excited. Thanks so much for replying! It would be great if you could rig it for me, and there is no deadline so spend as much time as you would like on it. It does not need to be animated(yet), but if it does then I will be sure to ask you. It does not have to be highly complicated, just the best of your ability. Thanks again, if you want to ask anything or comment anything else please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!!!


There were too many vertices’s in the mesh and couldn’t attach the rigg to the mesh (without blender shutting down on me) but it’s all set up so maybe you can.Just a simple “cntrl P” and your good to go. Let me know if yo have any questions about the rigg. It has all the feature of a complicated rigg just without all the complicatedness.
Directions in email.