RIGGING Job offer... sort of... more like need help

Hi guys… I’m currently making a short film and have a team of everything - animators, modelers (many, many modelers) and ever sound and music (non-blenderers), but one thing I do not have and desperately need, is a rigger.
So far I’ve made the rigs myself, but they are time consuming, and as the project manager and director, I have A LOT of other things to do…

Full credit of all the rigs (even mine so far) will go to you if you help us.
Basically we need someone who can do the full character rig, and if possible the face too, but thats not entirely necessary.
There aren’t many characters, but they need doing.

PS - if you can make clothes too, thats a bonus!

For information on the short-film, visit the WIP