Rigging knowledge, how transferable between tools?

Hi guys,

If you’re in a hurry skip the next two paragraphs.

I’m becoming more and more interested on on the subject of rigging. With the recent release of great resources on the subject (the Mammoth and the Ninja you probably heard about) I’m tempted to finally dive into the subject, but…

… I like my resources to be as software-agnostic as possible, so I’d prefer to learn the subject of rigging and then apply that with a tool like Blender. But the closest to that that I can find is the book “Body Language, Advanced 3d Character Rigging” (link to amazon), which… applies the concepts in Maya :slight_smile:

So the true question is: how easy is it to transfer rigging knowledge from one tool to another? On one hand I can (apparently) learn the rigging fundamentals with the book but then have to worry about applying it to Blender (*), and on the other I can use one of the Blender videos I mentioned but have to worry if certain concepts are not explained because Blender doesn’t support them (no idea if it’s the case, maybe it’s actually fully-featured, you tell me?). Considering that my current tool is definitely Blender, and a jump to another tool like Maya will only come in the future (I’m just trying to leave that door as open as possible) what do you think is the sensible approach?

(*) Note that if I do pick the book I will use Maya/MEL to work through it and then try to translate it to Blender/Python.

Wow, that was much longer than I wished. Anyway any input will help guys, thank you for your time.

PS: LohnS, Cessen, JP-Bouza, Richard Culver - I’m particularly interested in your input given your experience!

Some of the overall concepts are universal (having separate control armatures and deform armatures), but there is a LOT of software specific work involved in implementing rigging.

It won’t be easy to transfer the knowledge you learn from the Maya book to Blender, but it might still be worth it if the book is good enough.

Thank you Rob, that is what I wanted to know, short and sweet.