rigging makehuman

Do automatic weights work at all?When i use them on a makehuman character that is wavefront object it does not work at all.

Export it from makehuman as an mhx with rigify enabled, and import the mhx with rigify enabled in advanced (Add on) and it’s completely ready for posing. It’s easier using IK.

But i wanted to use my makehuman model in the unity game engine.I don’t think i can use the makehuman armature for that.

Hmm, I’ve never used unity but I can import an .obj, add a meta rig, and use auto weights just fine. Are all your scales 1? Not sure really, maybe upload a blend. The steps here were, import wavefront obj, add meta rig, scale/move meta rig in edit mode to match makehum, and then in object mode select makehuman, shift-select armature ctrl-p auto weights.

Here my blend.I called the character clown.He looks sort of like a clown.

Here’ the model cleaned up some. Bones are named with .L .R centered, all scales/rotations/locations applied, and the rig is parented and weighted. It can be posed, some minor issues remaining.

Clown on dropbox

Okay thankyou.


Lol, Photox it took me a minute or two to figure out what the function of those two large red custom shaped bones in your first pic might be. I was thinking some strange rib deforming rig for breathing or something!!