Rigging mesh and clothes

Hi, I have downloaded a boy model and, with a good tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9f-WVs3ghI), I have added an armature that works fine. Now I have selected the mesh, so the armature, “set parent to -> With automatic weight”.
The mesh follow the armature correctly, but the clothes no, are firm in the original position. It seems that clothes have no vertex groups. Can you help me please? Here the file: https://db.tt/6w2a1r7a


You have to parent the clothes to the armature as well - they are separate meshes. I took a look at your file and you have not done this stage, so just repeat what you did for the body to the other meshes, including the eyes and hair.

Cheers, Clock.

Oh yes, you haven’t parented the right thumb top bone to the right hand bone - that will make the hand work better!

You may have to check some of the weight painting, I notice that when I parented the belt to the armature, there was an influence exerted by the lower arm bones on the belt, I just went into edit mode and removed the vertices from the lower arm vertex groups. You will always have a little adjusting to do using Automatic Weights, but it will only be minor tweaking.

Cheers, Clock.

Some aspects of separate clothing meshes to consider: Even with nearly the same vertex weights in clothes and the underlying body, it’s not unusual to get mesh intersections where the body penetrates the clothes and is visible, especially in high-flex areas like the elbows and knees. One way around this is to use a Mask modifier on the body mesh and hide all mesh surfaces under the clothing. Another method, a little more specialized, is to assign a Shrinkwrap modifier to the clothes mesh(es), targeting the body, and setting the Offset distance enough so the clothes always float above the body (be sure to enable Keep Above Surface). But this can also affect the overall shape of the clothing so it needs to be used very carefully.

Thanks a lot for the answers! So I have to create a vertex group and apply a mask modifier to the mesh using the created group…
Another question: I’m trying to create an armature for the hands, for every finger. However the result is as follow (with a single finger):

The finger and the armature are rotated approximately 90 degrees with respect to the hand. Changing the roll in edit mode don’t solve the problem. If I added the pool target at the IK (using the hand bone), the finger is completely distorted. Can you help me? Thanks!

File: https://db.tt/6w2a1r7a