rigging mesh body to secondlife skeleton

I am trying to rig a mesh body to a second life skeleton, I am really new to blender so I have a few questions for anyone who knows about second life mesh rigging,

first the standard prim avatars are divided into 3 sections head, upper and lower body do I need to separate the mesh model into 3 sections as well or does it stay complete?

and secondly sort of along the same likes if I am going to apply a second life skin to it kins come in 3 sections or would I just put the piece of skin say the face in the area of the uv mapping that covers the face?

any help anyone can give me would be appreciated, I have down loaded the avatar and skeleton from SL and deleted the mesh body from it but want to apply my own mesh body and rig it , finding video turtorials that are understandable seems to be pretty hard usually there is no narrative and all you see is a bunch of high speed button clicking or you get someone that cant speak clear English lol

hummm never messed with trying to Rigg a second life character… but I’m interested in how it works out…