Rigging model help for comic model

Hello All,

I am looking for help with rigging my model to move for poses.

I have a base model that was made with rigging on it, I then added clothes separately and fitted it to the model. I have tried to parent the clothes to the armature. However parts of the clothes do not move with the pose and I can not figure out the problem. I am new to blender so I am sure its probably a easy fix that I can’t figure out XD. I have a model that has no rigging and a model that does have rigging ( I don’t know if it would be better to start from scratch or not?). I can’t afford to pay someone to fix this problem but I would be grateful for anyone that can take on the task for me. These models are used to help draw my comic as I have tendinitis in my wrist that doesn’t allow me to draw for long periods of time. So these models help me cut down on drawing time!


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Hi, if you have the character rigged but not the clothes then you can try this:

Its a 50 second video I found that made my workflow for rigging clothes MUCH MUCH easier. You shouldn’t be getting any errors with this method. Hope it helps you to!