Rigging mouth with Rigify

one thing I never liked about rigfiy is how the jaw opens and the lip corners anyone know how I would go about making this look better? I’d like more of an oval shape than well … whatever the hell this is. it looks so bad. More weight painting or drivers? I’m not sure. one thing I find about rigfiy tutorials is that they all have this problem, without ever addressing it to the viewer kinda lazy if you ask me

I haven’t tried it yet, but Blender 3.0 has an update to Rigify. Maybe see if that works better. Alternatively, there’s also Blenrig.

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Just move your lipB left and right out to get the oval and then create a pose for it. Seems like that could be automated. Perhaps another copy bone on the lip B bones with a driver.

I don’t like it either. I think it’s meant for stylized characters. There are fixes like moving the tweak bones, using shape keys etc. but all require some effort.
The face rig was updated in Blender 3.0 and the mouth corner is softer now. You’ll need to generate your rig in 3.0 to get the new features (you also need to update the face but that is done automatically by just pressing a button next to Generate Rig)

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oh I see thank you Tosh

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Hi @Skoomoo)

I Just subdivide in between bones and get more controllers

See if this help

I added more bone becuse I can wnat more controller on it
otherwise Rigify 3.0 rig doing good job.

Note - subdivide in between bones it change generated corner bone name - from (lip_end.L.001) To ( lip_end.L.002)

Hey @ToshiCG

Do you think adding more bone in on mouth will make any issue

You know rigify better.

You can do that.
But if you do, I think the additional bones in the generated rig are to correctly constrained so you need to do it manually.

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Currently my eyes on cloud rig it have good facial bones still work in progress
Demeter Dzadik working on it, Soon we can use it

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