Rigging mouth with separate teeth

Hejj everyone! :slight_smile:

I’ve got a problem with rigging my character’s head (dog).

The lower teeth & gum won’t move with the same speed as my jaw/mandible and move “trough” it. :confused:

Teeth & Gums are separate meshes joined into one object with the dog.
The mandible is rigged with a bone. The lower teeth are in the same vertex group as the jaw (100% weight).

I’ve tried with no success:
I found some threads with similar problems, but their solutions don’t work for my mesh.
Using a separate (non deforming) “teeth”-bone as a child or with constraint to the jaw bone (in local and world space).

Do you know, how I could move the teeth in relation with the mandible, without rip them apart?
Might it be better to use only shape keys for all facial motion? (I planned to use it only for the details)

I hope somebody knows a solution or might suggest where to troubleshoot… :spin:
Thank you in advance!


Looks like a weight paint issue. Please post a blend to here so we can look at it rather than keep guessing. This is what most on the forum use.
Post back with the URL to the blend.


Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

This is the file:

I’ve checked the weight paint and it looks fine, as far as I can tell… (100% weight to the teeth bone with my latest setup…)