Rigging nodes

Hey, I made a couple of tutorials for rigging nodes if you’re looking for a place to start:

Let me know if you want to see more.


I can’t believe I only just heard about this! Amazing work and thanks to levelpixellevel,without your vids I never would have found this gem!

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Is there a way to add objects?
I want to control layers of Grease Pencil and I didn’t know how to copy the position.
I don’t want to use the editor.

Yesh, the “Input Object” node but it’s not working right now, a simple line of code is missing, I’ll fix it when I get home. I’ll look into updating the set/get object property to work with gpencil objects aswell while I’m at it.


Does it work in blender 2.93?

I’ve just uploaded a fix for this and some initial support for gpencil objects to the develop branch if you want to try it out.

Yes, it does work in blender 2.93


It’s work perfect. Thanks.
And the problem of “TAB” is solved to edit the :smiley:

Blender 2.93.0
	build date: 2021-06-08

You can create a node that generates a bone for every layer of pencil grease, it is not automatic, but much more agile.

What is not if I can create modifiers or copy the pose to objects, without using the editor.

I’ll pm you and send you an example file.

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