Rigging non-spherical oval cartoon eyes best practice/pipeline

As in title, rigging non-spherical cartoony eyes. Suggestions for how the pipeline should work?

Modeller models squashed and leaves spherical eyes > Rigger uses spherical eyes and lattices/rigs to match the modelled squashed eyes?

This is what i’m thinking but keen to hear thoughts?

You can make some vertex groups for the eyelids, then Shrinkwap Mod these to the eyes using the vertex groups, so only those vertices in the group are affected.

Cheers, Clock. :beers:

Cheers, I think the question here is around pipeline and rigging and the eyes. Not eyelids so much.

You can use the same principle or a lattice. eye_problem.blend (724.1 KB)
anothercartooneyes.blend (558.7 KB)

Spherical+Lattice definitely. If the modeller is making them squashed it means they’re not seeing how the final product is supposed to be used and creating more work for the rigger to fix later.

Also if the eyes are already modelled - you can approach the issue differently and rig the eye’s mapping offsets so the texture moves on the already deformed eye. But then you miss out on some extra “features” of the lattice method where you can have geometry for the the iris/cornea for a more realistic look that’s not just a texture.

I think my question may have been confusing. I already know a couple ways of how to rig a non-spherical eye. The question is more around pipeline. The reason the modeler needs to model in its squashed position is that the director will need to see as it should be at final which is non-spherical. So for model approval it has to be modelled non-spherical. However the rigger would prefer for technical reasons to have in spherical form. So my thinking is possibly modeller provides both? OR an idea i thought of just now is modeller provides spherical but remodelled with a lattice and lattice left intact for rigger? That might be best actually.