Rigging object that is made from multiple joined pieces.

I’ve noticed this many times before too and I have fixed it by hand, but this is the first time I have some serious problems with this, when I started modeling this octopus. I have made those little sucker cups as separate object to the tentacles of the thing, but when I add automatic weight, blender don’t really understand how to weigh the cups automatically. Also it would be huge pain to paint them by hand.

I know there must be some correct way to do this kind of weighting automatically, but I don’t know about it.

Select every loose object first then the armature. If that doesn’t work all meshes can be joined into one before weighting.

Yes thank you for commenting, but my problem is that all the meshes are joined into this one bigger mesh and it does not work. I can actually share the mesh with you, so it might help to understand the problem.
There is now this octopus model and the bones, but in this version it is not weight painted / parented, because I don’t know the correct method.


If you find any use for this model or the materials, go for it as thanks for helping. The model is not perfect and I’m planning to use it in very small side role in a bigger scene, so it is not very good for close ups, but yeah its free to use, if you download it.

In scenarios the likes of this ‘Mesh Deform’ modifiers are handy