Rigging/ Posing Problem

So… I’m new here, so… um… yeah… I have a problem. I was building a model and I created a “skeleton” for it. The model has a head, body, 2 arms, and 2 legs. When I go into pose mode and try to pose my model, some limbs (left foot and right arm) deform the body. I dont want this. It only happens with certain bones, the head and other limbs dont cause deformations on the body. I tried turning off deform on these problem bones, but when i pose them, the shape and bone arent connected anymore. HELP! Sorry, Im kinda new. Thanks in advance.

For one thing, you are posting in the wrong section of the forum. There is a section for animation and rigging where this question should be posted.

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Would it be possible for you to share your .blend file? Rigging problems are particularly difficult to diagnose without seeing the file. Use pasteall.org to upload the file and link us to it in this thread.