Rigging Problem PLEASE HELP

I imported a .dae model from ‘Makehuman’ and set him up and rigged him by following the ‘Makehuman to Blender’ tutorial from ‘Blender Underground’. Everything was fine until I started the 3rd part. There something wrong with the weight painting inside the mouth and every time I try and move him, the front of his face gets left behind making the character look like something from ‘Left 4 Dead’.
I tried weight painting the inside of the mouth by hand but we all know how complicated the inside of their mouth is and every time I solve one problem with weight painting, for some unknown reason there’s always another one that occurs at a completely different part of the body. - So weight painting by hand is not an option.
I haven’t skipped any steps, but I am no expert in weight painting, so keep in mind that my problem might be a rather simple problem.
Please help me as fast as you can.

you know, I’ve noticed that too for when I try to weight paint my guys. Animate your character, and the weight paint everything that seems to be left behind. It really isn’t weight painting it makes the wierd pieces disapear…Wierd.

System performance is a big issue when dealing with “MakeHuman” models. Have you considered Lower poly models? It’s all those tiny polys in the face, hands and feet that are the problem. Here’s the link to “UniHuman”, a low-poly, blender version of MakeHuman. http://unihuman.yolasite.com/download.php
Also, Once the bone heirarchy is set and named, and you’re in weight paint, don’t weight paint. Instead, select all bones, then go to “weights” and "Assign Automatic from bones. Best of luck.

@ hubris: Thanks, I’ll try that.
@megalolligangger: Have you fixed that issue?

not really. it’s just a glitch, really

@ megalolligagger: It can’t be just a glitch and there has to be a way of fixing it. I’ve seen many other people use Makehuman models in Blender and everything is just fine.
@ hubris: The models at Unihuman don’t look as good as the ones from Makhuman. Are you sure you don’t know any other ways of getting good-looking human models in Blender (a fast and an easy way, that is).

oh. OK, I just found something that might work. Supposedly (I say supposedly cuz I heard this from a friend) it’s because of the fact that the armatures are either not aligned properly or they are rotated wierd. I’m not sure, but that COULD be the reason.

Not really. I tried everything I could and got no result. But even if this thing worked, the game would be impossible to play due to high poly objects from Makehuman (above 10 models would cause the game to run slowly for sure). So, I decided to use Unihuman and - thanks for the tip Hubris. The whole Unihuman object has less vertices than a Makehuman object has only in its mouth, looks good and it causes no problems whatsoever. So, thanks mate.