Rigging problem with Track To Constraint

When I use the track to constraint, for some reason the bone is turned 180 degree around its axis. I’ve tried every combination of To and Up and none of them have fixed the problem. I know that it’s rotating it and not mirror it because when I change the influence, I can see it the vertex group that I’ve attacked it it rotate around the bone. How do I get the bone to flip over so that it’s the right side up?

Applying scale and rotation to the bone and target before constraining, might help. Are you constraining it to another bone?

I tried that and it didn’t work. Turning the target and the bone itself yields no change.

I’m targeting another object, not a bone.

What happens when you rotate the target object? Can you upload a .blend?

Nothing happens when I rotate the target.

I’ve attached the .blend. I had to remove the character from it because he was too big for this forum. I left his weapon though, which also tracks the objects. Notice in edit mode I simply rotated the weapon around the bone, which works fine, but wouldn’t work for the head of the mesh because other bones would influence it. In pose mode the head and weapon follow the ball, but are rotated 180 degrees.

Notice that the jaw bone is a child of the tracking bone, it also rotates around the bone.

Here’s a pic of what happens for me with the file you uploaded - the 3 bones and the gun track the ball.

Don’t know if this helps you, I’m just learning this stuff as we speak.



That’s what I get too, but the bones are upside down. The gun is modeled below the bone it’s attached to and the jaw bone is modeled beneath the tracking bone.

EDIT: I figured it out, I had to press the Target button.

Having this same problem 12 years later, but figured out another solution is to use a Damped Track constraint