Rigging problem , wont move

Hello Guys , im fairly new to blender but been following tutorials and now started rigging a model i downloaded. I have followed a rigging video but when i got to the stage to bend the model to check the bones are working i ran into this problem.

The model is a dragon and is rigged from the first bone which was the hip bone and rigged up to the head. Once i had done the legs and wings i then added a new section of bones and parented these to the hip bone for the tail.

My problem is everything upto this hip bone moves and rotates ok but the hip bone and the tail behind do not , if i move any one of these bones the whole armiture bends with it. I cannot see where i gone wrong and hopfully somone here could point out somthing im missing lol :slight_smile:



Hey guys this is really bugging me , made anouther armiture and its happening again , its proberly somthing simple but i cannot figure it out : (



In a way, this is just like school. Show your work and we might be able to find your problem. :slight_smile:

How do I show my work , that would be a task in its self :confused: , sorry im new to all this.

Press the big ‘GO ADVANCED’ button, then use the paperclip icon to attach blend file. Alternatively post it to http://www.pasteall.org/blend/ and tell us the link url


Hey guys hope that works , had to delete the model as wouldent attach with it on file so left armiture in place.

Dragon rig blender .blend (565 KB)

If you switch from b-bones to octahedral and then select your hip bone, you’ll see the problem. The hips are parented to the first tail bone instead of the other way around.

The top-most (most ancestral) bone of the tail is at the tip; it should be the bone that attaches to the hip. Each bone in the tail needs to be flipped; you’ll see what I mean once you’re looking at the rig in octahedral.

I made some fixes and changes, check the blend out and try making the same changes in your file! (Or delete mine and make your own ;))
Dragon rig blender fix .blend (548 KB)

Thankyou ever so much , could i just ask how i flip them ? , is it press W in edit mode and do it that way or some other way ?

Yeah, flipping the direction is the fastest way to do it. Then just parent the Tail1 bone to the hips and the wing bones to the tail or the hips with keep offset. I didn’t actually know that you could flip the direction, so here’s what I did in case you want to waste some time. :stuck_out_tongue:

First, clear the parent of the surrounding bones with alt+p. (Hip bone and wing bone A bones)
Deselect everything and press l while hovering over the tail to select those bones. Rotate those bones by pressing r, then z to constrain the rotation to the z axis and type 180. When that’s done the first tail bone will be inside the hip bone. To fix that, first select the head of the hip bone (the ball thing where the bones intersect), press shift+s and choose cursor to selected. Then select the tail link again with l, press shift+s again and choose selection to cursor. The tail will move to it’s correct location. Then just parent the bones again with keep offset and you’re done! :ba:

Thank you again! , the help is really appreciated, your rig desighn modifacations look rather good :slight_smile: I shall study it a little more.