Rigging problem

Hi, I’m news to blender. I came across a problem while posing my character. The model duplicates itself while posing and I can’t find the solution. Need help.

Here is a screenshot to further explain

HI, In object mode select your mesh and delete it, it could be that accidentally you duplicated your mesh.

Tired that already and the whole mesh gets deleted. Here’s the blend file to have a closer look at it.


You have a duplicated mesh, just like digitvisions said.

Enter edit on your mesh. Select a single vert. Then ctrl-L to selected linked and x to delete. Probably, repeat autoweights afterwards.

Thanks so much for your help. It worked. And I had to repeat automatic weights again. Please I’ll need your help with my works. I’m wondering if you could help me look at the works and give your critic about it and with feedback of how it was to help me improve…

Thanks again for your help and hope to hear from you soon.

With the work given, my first criticism would be that it’s too high poly for what it is. That’s going to lead to irritation while posing it and slower renders. It looks like you’ve remeshed the mesh somehow, which didn’t lead to good topology, and it’s full of triangles. You should be looking into manual retopo (before weighting.) A model like this could get away with a fraction of the polys you’re using, especially if you allowed for live subdiv or normal mapping.

Alright. Thank you for the feedback. I certainly went through hell trying to pose the model. I’ll build on this. :muscle: