Rigging Problem

Rigging Problem somebody help pls

left arm works fine but right arm does not fit the skeleton. I tried to fix it but just couldn’t

Hi, in edit mode you should be able to place the bones inside the mesh, as your character is not symmetric you need to uncheck symmetry.

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how am i uncheck symmetry ?

Here top right: 07b8fe8ba429adea8c1aba8429415b097cb58a57_2_690x388

its already unchecked. isnt it?

In that screenshot yes.
did you try using edit mode?

should my character be symmetrical ? because its not

ideally you should try to have symmetrical mesh but you could work with non symmetric.

So can this problem be fixed?

Yes, in adit mode you can move the bones into place.
at the moment you are in pose mode.

bones already inside in mesh

it is edit mode

Your right arm is out.

it is pose mode when i rotate the bones

Like this:

right arm is deforming when i rotate the bone but left arm is completely normal

That is because you don’t have the weights in the right place.

how can i add weight ?

try this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPYs3pZEzPY