Rigging problem

I’ve rigged a character with vertex groups using weight paint. But there’s one problem with part of it that I can’t figure out. I rigged the hands where
all four fingers bend at once and then there’s the thumb but…
…Even though I know(for a fact) that I didn’t miss any vertices, the hand gets weird looking when I try to pose it. Can anyone help me with this?

-Thanks in advance

Unless you post some images and/or a blend file what you are asking is too vague for anyone to help …

Sorry, heres some pics.


Here’s the problem pics.


Hey Mad Matt,

You might have those fingers assigned to more than one vertex group.

In weight paint mode, SHIFT+LMB on the problem areas to see what vert groups they’re assigned to. If they have more than one group, you’ll need to remove them from all but the appropriate vert groups for the fingers.

Hope this helps.

a failsafe way to paint is to do it the other way around. paint some temporary weights to a vertex group (named after the bone that will drive it), and remove all the weight assignments from it.
After that select and assign all the vertices you want to have assigned to that vertex group (to be affected by the bone) with a full weight of 1.
Then for smoothing the weight, don’t add but subtract the weights while painting in weightpaint mode.

Thanks! They did have more than one group. I removed it and it works! Thanks!

Glad it worked! YW. =D