Rigging problem

On the list of problem I am running into. I am sure it is something small again. but the arms are not parented to the main body So as I move the torso the rest of the body does not follow. I have attached a picture and the .blend.

My guess,
I just need to figure out the hierarchy and move the shoulder under the spine bone

Please help


Can anyone help me on this?

I’ve got it fixed for you.

  1. Go to the edit mode for your armature
  2. select one shoulder
  3. In the buttons panel, go to the “armature bones” section where the thing you see says says “selected bones.” You will see the name of the shoulder you selected. To the right you will see the words “child of” and a drop down box to the right of that.
  4. In that drop down box, select the bone Def_UpperStom
  5. Repeat for the other shoulder.
    That is it. All you needed to do was tell each shoulder that they were the child of another bone, in this case, the Def_UpperStom since that helps them move with the body in your rig.
    I hope this helped. Take care.

Worked Great!