Rigging problem

Hi, I have a rig that is made of two armatures.
The face rig and the Body rig.

But my problem is that when I put the face rig as a child of the body rigs head bone and then turn the head/bone, the face looks not like it should. It looks like the deformation still stays in the same direction (see my pictures so you understand). But the gig looks like it is following. This also only shows as soon as I move a bone in the face rigg. So I can “make a face” and turn it in all kinds of dirketions and it looks great. But as soon as I wanna make a new face while the head is turned I get this strange behavior!

Do you people know what that could be. How can I fix this?



I think I found the problem. I used a Limit rotation constraint on the bones handling the angel of the eyelid closing. Maybe I need to use a limit rotation in the transform window instead.

I will get back to you …

Sorry me again. Didnt think of that there is not limit rotation in the tranform window. but I noticed what I need to do. I need to set the limit rotation to local space and then I need to lock all the other angles Z, Y as well! Now it seems like it is working …