Rigging problem

Hi everyon
I got a big Rigging problem
I made a Rigg witch contains IK-FK switchts limps after the tutorial on CG Cookies plus menue But the problem is that the switches dosnt work in Liberys… and I am out off opitones so if you you are abel to help me take a look at my Rigg

you will do me a very great offer

Unfortunly I am unable to give you the Blendfile
If I am able to manage the Upload on Blenderswap ore alswher I will Post the link


and here is finaly the Rigg

Hi every one
unfortunaly i have been e bit lets call is messy and I havend got told you quite good what my real problem looks like…
so i giv you a bit of a guid…
1.) Download my Rigg and unpack ithttp://www.blendswap.com/3D-models/a…uselemurerigg/
2.) Oppen a New (emty) Blendfile and link the “Mouse lemur” Group (CTR ALT O under 2.5) into the Blendfile
3.) Make a Proxi of the “rigg mouse lemure” (CRT ALT P)
4.) Link the Text “RiggInterface.py” into the blendfile and make him Run

Now my exat Probem

My Rigg hase IK FK Sliders. in the 3D view under Properties you will find (wihle using my Rigg) 2 new Options First is Renderlayers, they work fine, Second is IK FK Sliders and I cant use them (under Lokal use they work exelent)
If I go in the Propertis window under Armattur and User Property are the Slider witch controll the Sliding and they are also out of work
I dont thik that it is the “RiggInterface.py” cause the Riggin layer work fine.

So I hope I can help understand my exat problem