Rigging problem

I’m relatively new to Blender and I am having trouble with rigging. I successfully rigged a simple character already by creating each body part (upper arm, lower arm, hand) as separate objects and then assigning each body part to be the child of the corresponding bone (and I selected to adhere it to the bone specifically).

However, I am wondering if someone could explain a way for me to rig a more detailed character I have created. Is it possible to keep her as a single object and still rig her?

I attempted to simulate this by creating a long cylinder and putting two bones inside of it. The first bone worked perfectly, I could rotate and move the whole cylinder, but when I tried to rotate the second bone (which was extruded from the first) it only controlled the end of the bone.

So while the tail of the bone moved the cylinder, the head of the bone stayed in place (and consequently was not inside the cylinder). Basically, it appeared as if only the end of the cylinder was attached to the second bone.

Lol that’s because it is. The bone you extruded from is now the parent of the second one. This means that the second bone inherits the location, rotation, and scale of the first one. I would desperately suggest watching some tutorials about rigging so you can at least get a general sense of how it works. I don’t think you want to do this, but if you want the two bones seperate, click on the extruded bone, go to it’s object data and delete it’s parent.

Here’s a good tuto to learn more about rigging/skinning and there’s another tuto to understand how to use rigify a really powerfull rigging tool.

Thanks I understand it a lot better now