rigging problem

I’m am including the blend file, This was a exercise from blendercookie the robotbunny. After finishing the modeling, and doing some basic coloring, I decided to give animation a try so following a basic rigging tutorial I ended up with a bit of a mess, When i move the head for example, it only moves the very top of the head. Or when i move the arm it moves most of it, but leaves the tips of the fingers and part of the elbow area behind. Please tell me what I did wrong, and what I can do to fix the problem. Thank you in advance.


robobunny.blend (1.85 MB)

  1. Always put the armature modifier above subsurf on the stack
  2. Do not use bone envelope deformation for the armature modifier.
  3. Upon unchecking “bone envelopes” you will have no deformations. You have not defined any vertex groups. click on the mesh. shift select the armature. Parent the armature selecting “Automatic weights” this will give some default weighting. You will need to do some manual weight painting to clean it up. Youtube weight painting in Blender and you’ll find some tutorials