Rigging problem

So I download a Link model(from the Game Legend of Zelda) changed the texture colour and rigged it. But when I move one the armature the area that’s supposed to move moves and also rips off parts from the model with it. So, can someone check this file and please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Sounds more like a rigging-problem instead of a modelling problem. Maybe have a look in the Animation and Rigging subforum.

Do you use Vertexgroups? Then simply correct the assignment of Verticies to these groups by directly assigning or removing Vertcies and by Vertexpainting.

Oh thought there was a problem with my model. Yeah I think so, ok thanks, I’ll check some tuts on youtube

hey i have a rigging problem too. whenever i got to set parent to with automation weights blender crashes. but when i got to parent to the other options the rigging does not work. please help