Rigging Problems in Gus Gingerbread man


I have just finished adding the armature to gus (total of 6 bones) but when I select all bones; blender lists 5 (Bone, Bone.001 - Bone.004) bones as having been selected. The next step in the tutorial is to name the bones. I am short of one bone in the Armature Bones panel. Can anybody assist?

In Blender 2.4x, it only lists the first 5 bones you selected.

Thanks for that info Fweeb: much appreciated!! I was able to name all the bones; first all the 5 listed in the panel and then selected the 6th one manually and named it. I got to skinning as well and pose mode. But I noticed that when trying to raise Gus’ leg bones to create a pose off the ground - I couldn’t! Somehow his leg is stuck to the ground!!!

Is it the mesh that’s locked in place or is it the leg bone(s) in the armature?