Rigging problems, parented eyeballs and teeth not moving with bone?


I’m beginning to weight paint a figure’s mesh to a rigging I constructed and I am unable to figure out what I’ve done wrong here. I’ve parented the eyeballs (inner and outer) to the head bone with 100% weight and yet when I rotate this head bone the eyeballs are not moving quite in-sync. In addition, the teeth of the body mesh are likewise moving with their own agenda.

Can someone please help me out here? Not sure if I’m missing a step or something regarding the eyeballs, and am concerned I did not combine the teeth to the mouth properly.


Insufficient info supplied to give definite answer. Please ALWAYS supply a demo blend file with your post that can be reviewed

With weighting issues the best thing to do is check the weighting for ALL bones. Are the eyes influences by any other bones ? If so then they will move in relation to all the bones that influence them

Having difficulty getting my .blend file to upload as an attachment, it’s 11.9 MB compressed?

Having difficulty getting my .blend file to upload, it’s 11.9MB compressed?

Remove all non essential stuff and upload to http://www.pasteall.org/blend/

I did some work and yes it looks like the teeth and eyes were being influenced by the neck bone, however I found a new problem in that when I’m parenting the right inner eye to the head bone it is not saying it is part of the same armature as the other eye when I parent it. That is, under Vertex Groups it only shows Group as opposed to showing a list of all of the bones I’ve created, not sure why this is happening?



If you parented the eye to the bone (Ctrl+P / Set Parent to Bone) you don’t really need all those vertex groups and you can delete them
If you parent to bone to are in effect parented with 100% weight to the bone

Whatever, if it works don’t worry about it

I’m following this tutorial to rig an IK chain for my feet:

I replicate the instructions as given in the video and yet no matter how many times I repeat them, I continually am having this problem:

That is, I want the foot control bone sticking out from the ankle to control the rotation of the foot so that when I rotate it upwards the foot rolls up onto the ball of the foot and when I rotate the control bone down the foot rotates up on the heel (just as the sequence from the tutorial video pictured on the left column). I’ve followed every step a few times and for some reason the heel roll is not responding at all like it is in the tutorial video.

Any thoughts on how to solve this problem? Here’s my model:


roll your heel roll.l 180 degree and parent foot ik.l to heel roll.l.

Awesome, thanks!

How do I get rid of the different colored patches on my mesh?

They are creating transparency gaps when I export to the web.

Here is my model:


You have some face normals pointing outwards and some pointing inwards, they need to all be consistent.

Select all faces and use Ctrl+N to recalculate the normals

I cannot figure out why my test_pattern_2 texture is not displaying on my model? Help please!?