rigging problems

I am having a problem with my rigging, though I never had this problem before. I have a bunny head rigged. I created vertex group for each part of the head (neck, head, and ears). Everything works fine except for the head. I named a bone Head and when i move the bone, the vertices i put into the head group wont move, but for some reason the bottom of the neck moves. I move the neck bone, everything moves but the head vertex group of the bunny head.

Here is what im talking about: Watch Video

Time for weight painting.

No, that didn’t help. It moved the head but it was smushed. And i just found the problem, but dunno why it is a problem or how it got to that problem. I made the bone into envelope, but the head bone didnt show any shading around it that indicates the area it effects. So i jus tdeleted the head bone up and recreated and it worked.