Rigging Problems

I have a character and I have the bones where they are suppose to go, but the problem is when I parented the character to the amature ( Using Name Groups) it just goes crazy, I move his arm bone and his head moves, and stuff like that, I know one way to fix it, but it would take forever. Like the way I try to fix it now is select the section I want to be parented to say the upper arm bone I would have to select all the othe bones and set the deform to zero. So please tell me how to fix it.

If what you wrote is all you did, then the problem is that you still haven´t done the weight painting and right now the deformations are being based on the bone envelopes. You should read a tutorial about rigging, like this one:


The very beginning focuses on modeling the character you’re gonna rig so try to read what’s of interest for you.

I just want to know if there is a way to remove all of the bone weight without doing it the long way of painting it off. Like Press ALT such and such.

Well, in weight paint you can always select the bone and press the Clear button in the paint panel. But you’ll have to do it bone by bone. But I’m not really sure if this answers your question.

when you parent the mesh to the armature, choose the option “from bone heat”

Ok, I’ll practice on that, thanks for the help, I’ll post any problems I have.