Rigging Problems

Hey There!

I got a problem with my Charackter. I want to rig them with the armature bone systems. I rigged it already but when i want to move maybe a arm nothing happens. The arm just rotate around it self but only the upper arm. The rest of the arm doesent move with it. It seems like the Charackter where pinned with the hand on a table O.o

Here is a small video i made with the problem


You’re using Rigify right?

Because I’m having a similar issue. The main difference is that it won’t patent onto the model I want to use.

You see the unmovable bone is a solid green colour when in pose mode? That is because the bone has a bone constraint on it, which usually overrides any manual movement you try to do. For example, it may be an IK constraint, or perhaps a tracking constraint to always point to the next bone. If this is the case, then no, you cannot move it because that would be going against what the bone constraint is told to do.

Quick fix: with the non-movable bone selected, go into the “bone constraints” tab and delete the constraint which is there. My only issue with this is that you would have had a reason to want the constraint there in the first place, so what are you deleting if you do so… is it important?

Yes i used Rigify.

Hm… so i cannot move or rotate the green bones?

I testet that method after a trainings dvd i did the same way but on the dvd it did work O.o?

You are not supposed to move those bones. They are only used for deformations. If you look in the bone layers panel you will see lots of dots in the other layers where the actual control bones are. Try moving them instead.

Ah now i got it :slight_smile: it work`s thanks for help :slight_smile: