Rigging Question (Regarding Auto-Rig Pro)

Hi there, first post here. And I have a question!
It may be answered already - and it may also be answerable without needing knowledge of Auto-Rig Pro…but I’m very very new at rigging and animating. So I have my guy rigged with the program, as you can see with the pictures, and I’ll bind it all, but when I try to go and move him, he goes all bananas when it comes to his posing. I’m not exactly sure how to fix this. Whether it’s an issue with mesh/box detection on the rigging add-on or if there’s a step I’m missing, but I’m really at a loss here.

Could someone help me out? I’d appreciate the help. Thanks!!

Define bananas please. I’m not sure what you are showing in the screenshot. Looks like you might not have angled your leg bones maybe arm bones for proper IK resolver.