Rigging question

Ok I have a model rigged and I’m trying to animate it. However when I go to the IPO window I can only see the IPO curves (or w/e they are called) for one bone at a time and when I select them all I see nothing, so if I want to change something for all the bones it takes quite a while. So I guess what I’m asking is, is there a way to view all the bones keyframes at the same time?

No, the IPO window will only display curves for one object (bone) at a time.

But you can have multiple IPO windows open. Select a bone, then click on the “pin” icon beside the Ipo curve name to keep that IPO window locked to that object/bone. Create another IPO window … etc.

You can key all of the bones at once, just press “a” to select/deselct all. Or SH-RMB to add/remove to a selection.

The Action window, if you’re not using it, gives an overall view of all the bones and their ipos. You can use it to vary the speed of the entire motion, or parts of it by selecting one or more keys, and then “scaling” them “s” which will compress / expand their relative distance in time.


Alright thnx, that helps a lot.