Rigging Question....


Im getting into animation now, and Ive found my current rigs fair, but lacking in a couple places.

One thing Ive wanted for a while, but cant figure out how to do is:

In some rigs, you can grab the main torso bone(or the one above the legs), and pull on it. Thats normal, but…
I want it so you can grab that bone and move it around, and the feet stay in a fixed position, but the legs bend and stuff. Im really not sure how to do it, and Ive tried many different things, and looked everywhere…
It could be Im just missing something, its probably a really simple rig thing, and Im an idiot, but there it is…

Anyway, thanks guys!


If you have IK-Constraints with non-bone Targets on the feet you can do it. Also Floor Constraints. If you use the new Walk features though (Offset Bones deformed by a Path) it’ll do it automatically.


I’m not sure what you’re looking for, but “standard” IK …regardless of whether the targets are bones or not will do that.

Take a look at the “Ludwig” rig (link in my “Best of Blender” thread in my sig), for example. The feet stay in place until the torso is moved upward enough to pull the character off the “ground”.

The same is true for IK hands.

The key thing is that you have to make the IK targets children of a “root” bone, and also make the torso the child of the ROOT bone.

Moving the ROOT bone will move all the bones, while moving the torso bone will “leave” the IK constrained feet / hands at wherever the IK targets are positioned.


@MIke_S: Thats it exactly! Thanks, I cant believe that never occured to me…

Ha, thanks so mcuh!