Rigging really high poly.

On my autobot project running into a spot of trouble. I’ve done the mesh, keeping rsimple rigging in mind, made the armature, added the constraints roughly to what they are going to be but now i’m having some serious performance issues, like six frames per minute performance issues.

I’ve got the mesh split into two seperate objects, 1. the legs/feet and 2. the rest. I was creating vertex groups for the bones and saw that the memory was shooting way past 1000 megs and beyond so i disabled global undo and reduced undo steps down to 0. This solved that problem but then i realised that with vertex groups the blend file nowtakes five minutes to open where as before it took a few seconds.

Finally parenting the meshes to the armature with vertex groups or not means that doing anything to the mesh, the armature or even moving between different frames reduces frame rate to an average of 6 FPM.

This is the project http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=107333&page=3 is there anything else i can do to speed blender up.

My blender PC is quite old, Athlon 2100+, gefore FX 5700, 1.5 gigs of ram win 2000 and XP.

Well, you might think about using some of the scripts that come with blender. There’s one that will clean things like stray verts, empty and unused vert groups, and a lot of other information that is customizable before running it.

There’s also a poly reducer script you could experiment with.

Your model’s quite nice, looks great. But from the sounds of it, you may have not modeled with efficiency in mind. Hard to tell from the pics of course. But a lot of those small objects and details probably could have been achieved with bump maps and stuff instead of more polys (but once again, can’t be for sure that’s the culprit from jsut pics.)

O yeah, and if you’re just wanting to speed up the interface while working, make use of the layer system. Don’t display objects that are bogging you down while working. Also, one handy hotkey to use while working on a specific object is the backslash near the numpad ( \ ). That will hide every object except for the selected one.

You can also experiment with the openGL setting in the User Preferences window. Maybe just leave one light on, try disabling mipmaps.

Hope this helps.

you can also save the armature parenting to the last minute if it is slowing you down.
may seem akward, but you can name and weight all the groups in advance. It’s a robot, and it’s part are rigid right? just create the groups, select the meshes that are attached to it, create a new group with the right bone name, and hit assign with the weight at 1.000.
Might save you some resources.
Seeing the model I don’t think it is because of flying around verts and vert groups, you seem to model carefully. I assume you don’t have stray verts all over the place or groups you don’t use.
I’d still add a stomach area though… and set up the constraints in the rig before you start weighting, only because it slows you down so much otherwise.

Nah, that’s the point of the layers system. If the layer that the armature is on is the only one visible, it will free those resources. You can parent away. But if you’re wanting to work on the armature itself, just don’t have the mesh layer visible.

Thanks, i did use layers and saved the parenting for last, somehow i sorted it out, i’ve finnished rigging it now. Admitedly it required anticipating where the mouse curser would be but in the end the frame rate was usable.

Just for future reference:

If for whatever reason your blender was still lagging when the mesh layer was disabled,
you can do this: Make a new .blend and construct your armature there. Then just append it to the new mesh file when you’re done.