Rigging Request! Please Help ....

Hi guys , I’ve tried my best to rig this model , I’ve spent hours , I can put bones in the model but it has no effect on it , I mean the model won’t move , the bones get out of it easily , it gets ugly textures after I join the meshes and I can’t even see bone groups … I am sure I am doing something wrong …
I am using fbx model , please download it : http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/jill-valentine-35151.html

Please download it , rig it and upload .blend for me , so in this way I can see and clear all the mistakes I was doing , and for any new model I’ll make , I can do it correctly !
Really really appreciated , thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:


have you followed tutorials on how to rig things ? There are really good ones on Youtube/BlenderCookie, you should check them out. It will only take a few hours of your time and then when you’re comfortable with the basics you’re welcome to come back here and ask for help ! :wink:


Yes sir , I’ve watched a lot of tutorials , I spent 3 days constantly to fix this problem , but I can’t …
Please sir , download the model , rig and upload for me , I think that will be the best help for me :slight_smile:

The process is generally like this:

(1) Create your model.
(2) Create your armature.
(3) Parent the model to the armature … or use an Armature constraint.
(4) Switch to Pose Mode and start specifying which objects are to be controlled by which bones … or, which “vertex groups” as the case may be.

By all means, watch many tutorials carefully.

Yes , I did that , I can’t parent the model to armature , when I press Ctrl+P after selecting armature and model at the end , it shows nothing about parenting … But I can parent Armature to the model easily .
After I parent them , there is no bone and vertex group , sometimes , model has 1 - 2 vertext groups , I go to pose mode , and when I click and move the blue bones , they don’t move the model with them , they just get out of the model , its really hell annoying .

Please , thats why I am requesting sooo much to rig and upload .blend file for me , I think if anyone of you can do that , then it will be the best help for me , thanks!

Start off by going into Weight paint mode on your model. Select bones one at a time and weight paint the model. If you then move the bones in pose mode, the mesh should follow.
I suggest you try rigging something simple first - e.g add | mesh | grid, add | Armature | single bone, in edit mode line the armature up with the mesh, scale the bone up to the size of the mesh, w | subdivide the bone into 3 or 4 bones. Go to object mode select the mesh, then select the armature - ctrl-p and choose to parent with automatic weights. Enter pose mode and the mesh should follow the bones. Your model should be the same (if it is a “mesh”).

As far as I can see there could actually be 3 things happening:

  1. you somehow disabled the deform option for every single bone
  2. you somehow disabled armature-parenting
  3. the object is vorbidden(e.g. its just linked, or you are not to transform it…)

fix1: go to the posemode and for each bone set the Deform-Flag in the Bone-panel to true
fix2: go to the Meshs object-panel. manually set the parent to your Armature. Add a Armature-modifier
fix3: make a copy of the object. then go to the objects-panel and clear all transform-locks.
sy Teck-freak

Ok thank you so much @Kauranga and @Teck-Freak for your help , appreciated!
I’m gonna try your solution now , hopefully it’ll work…