Rigging Resources

I haven’t rigged a character for the GE in many months, and have completely forgotten how. If someone could walk me through all the steps, start to finish (after assigning vertex groups) that’d be awesome, or at least point me to some resources. I haven’t really got a problem with setting up a rig, just making it work in the GE. Thanks in advance.

Instead of using a modifier, you want to parent the object to the armature itself. Then DON’T make the modifier “real”. Then you assign vertex groups. Once you’ve made some actions, you can assign them to actuators for playback. If you need more detail, just ask.

there is a rigging tut in the demo/tutorials sticky as well as many animation walkthroughs. try those.
(good to see you saxafoner. This is the runkler, new account)

hey thanks. I tinkered a bit and got it to work!