Rigging rubik cubes.

There, i made a rubik cube for a thread on cgtalk, so better share with the elysiun guys too!

Here is the solution I came with:

The idea is to rig each cube with a bone, letting the tip of the bone out for easy selection.
All you need to do is to select the row, rotate on the good axis, take a key each 45 degree, make sure one move don’t overlap the next move and that’s it. The selection is easy since all bones-tips get aligned in side-front-top view, a box selectiopn give you instant acces to a row.
To get a nice rotation, all the roots of bones are in the center:
Blend file (blender 2.40)

Very nice solution ! :smiley: I used to animate this kind of thing without armatures but, this is much better work !


Great work Gabio. Inventive.

Nice. I always wonder how those things work in real life. The way you rigged it makes it work like a real one would. Now if I could only be able to solve one of those…

I always just re-arranged the stickers on them. :wink:

But seriously though, real nice. :slight_smile:

Thanks fo sharing this :slight_smile:

Uhm. Thanks for sharing the ideas. I have been trying to make a rubick game based on python. But It got much more complicated than I thought.

Nice solution!

Thanks man! This really gave me a big help for my projects!!!

I did one like this too but when you rotate the bones too much (like many times 90 degrees in that direction and then 90 in an other…etc) it doesn’t work properly. But I’ll try to rotate 45 degrees instead of 90 maybe it will work!

Hi Gabio how did you add the armatures please help me i am new to blender


I don’t think Gabio is very active anymore, (please correct me) This thread is 5 years old. The link above is at least more recent.