rigging sketchbook

Hi, I’d like to begin a rigging sketchbook to monitor process and get feedback. So with some hesitation, here goes.

kinekt gear rig. Couple of months in the works.

and a low polly spider IK only.

wow, great rigs!
Have you tried to 3d print some of this gears? I wonder will they work straight from the 3d printer with some cleaning of course. Spider rig is realy cool. Is it walking automatically when you move the base of the rig?

hey 3DNeksus thanks much.
No the ring hasn’t been printed though it should work in real life. It’s based on a real thing > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI2N6fsPjjg

I’ve actually tried the automatic walk stuff on a centipede leg, couldn’t get it to work. Perhaps in the future.

It’s a mixing machine.
And a propeller

currently working on a walking machine. no animation yet.

just to clarify, not one of these is my idea. All plagiarized

The rig is messy. It’ll have to be redone once at least to get polished.