Rigging + Skinning 4 characters

Hello Blender Community,

As a contemporary artist I’m looking for an experienced Rigger for rigging + skinning 4 characters. I already have an armature for the characters, which is Mocap compatible. The armature needs to be adjusted to the characters and Mocap animations should transfer smoothly.

The characters are 3 humanoid frogs + 1 humanoid monkey.


Rigs can be pretty basic but need to be optimized to transfer Mocap data smoothly.

You will be paid 350 euros for this job, and you can start right away.
Please PM me if you’re interested.

Thank you!

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Hello there!
Hope you’re doing good

PM sent pls check.

Have a nice day.

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Message Sent, please check!

Hi There,

I have PMed you regarding this. Please check it out.

Rocky Dash

Hi MelMot! My name is Pablo Ezequiel Padula and I am dedicated to the editing, animation and modeling of 2D and 3D videos.

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