rigging/skinning question

when I go from edit mode to pose mode, my rig shifts position somewhat. I’ve done
everything I can think of to correct this: alt r,s,g, control n, W-> clear user transform and
still it shifts. What am I doing wrong? I would like the pose position to be the same as
the edit position.

have you got some constraints set? And what about the bone roll angles?

ctrl n, so roll angles is out… constraints?

yes, I have some constraints such as the head bone tracks the movement of the Head Controller bone. Also, the arms have a set-up so when you move the Hand Controller bone the whole arm follows. I am not at my Blender computer right now so sorry if I’m being a bit vague.

After deleting all the constraints the rig now maintains its shape when switching modes.
I then did the weight painting and added the constraints back to the rig. Everthing works as it should but I get the feeling there is an easier way to do this (without deleting the constraints). Anyone?

sorry I’ll need to see the rig for specific info, from what you mentioned I think you just had some bad aligned constraints. I don’t think weighting had anything to do with it because a weighted mesh does not affect the armature object.
I think you had a bad constraint and fixed it when you redid everything.

Could be. Thanks for the input.

Also the order of the constraints in the stack determines in which order they’re evaluated (and can cause Cyclic Dependancies).