Rigging Small Legs Low Poly?


I have a small round character I am trying to rig. He has short stumpy rigs and I’m having trouble rigging them effectively.

I watched pixlpits modeling video because his characters have similar legs. He uses Maya, but I tried to translate the technique, without much success.

Video I referenced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wog4Qp9zjrw&t

If I rig just the leg, it craters into the character. If I rig around the leg it morphs far too much of the body.

I’ve attached my blend for reference. I rigged each leg differently to showcase both problems.

Any feedback would be great, thank you! Goo Man Game Asset4.blend (481 KB)

Dont know if this is what you are after… but I took a break from my Callada export mission from hell, and put this together,

You will need to improve the weight map (I gave it a quick heat map)


Goo Man-JPDRig.blend (113 KB)

Whoa, this is perfect, was I just not weight mapping it properly? Or did you do something else under the hood that I’m not noticing at first glance?

The extra bones help spread the influence area for a more balanced heat map, even though there is mass its good to think what might be the skeleton stucture , also parenting of the bones with regards to the stretch bone,

Heres a link to a good rigging series

Thank you for taking the time to respond and provide resources.

How much would you charge to do basic rigs (per rig) if I had a series of small characters like this?

Hi unable to commit to making extra rigs with all the stuff I’m trying to learn, but I am sure if you put an thread in the paid work section some of the amazing rig designers on this site might chime in…