Rigging Test - First Rigged Character

Some people were saying I need a character in my scenes to give them a sense of scale. Normally for such a thing I would use a MakeHuman model, but because they are so frustrating I tried making a rigged character of my own. Unfortunately, I’m not very good. But this is what I came up with in the past two days:

Just a random character I made up. He’s fully rigged, including the face, which makes basic emotional poses. The hands are the only thing I don’t like, they seem very un-handlike. But then again I am not very good at modeling hands!

So, C&C Please!

Now all he needs is hair…


OK, the character looks fine enough. Hands could be done a little better though. Look around in the tutorials section. There are tons of tutorials showing how to build hands. Yours doesn’t have opposing thumbs.

The pose is weird. Check the free video tutorial over at www.keithlango.com about poses and power centers.

The character is too shiny. Drop specular for the clothes to almost nothing. skin may be a little bit shiny though, but make specular color lightly pink.

I think your character is just fine for your purposes you mentioned before. My recommendations are just some quick tweaks to make it look more attractive.

Finally, we get a glimpse of what Proog looked like thirty-something years ago, when all-rubber clothing was the “in look…”:eyebrowlift2:
(look at the top of the page) http://orange.blender.org/

That’s just strange… I never had him in mind when I was making this… Maybe it was subconscious? :confused:


Yes, I’m going to work on the hands. They are driving me insane. I don’t know why I can’t get the proportions right, and whenever I go to copy them and flip them, they don’t rig right on the other side…

And I haven’t textured him yet. Those are just the basically colors.

Geeze, it’s robots from now on! :eek:


A little more playing around. I am still not satisfied with the hands. I may have to redo them entirely.

Added a hat to save time on doing hair :stuck_out_tongue: