Rigging, the Easy Way

This was made using the stock “Hank” character from the BSoD character animation tutorials by Ryan Dale. Hank also appears in the upcoming Essential Blender book. Final published image is black and white, so the colors are kind of superfluous and the lack of colors in certain objects isn’t a problem. I know there are some deficiencies, but I only had a couple of hours to give to it…

Rigging, the Easy Way

thats cool, nice job

LOL, I could not stop LOL :slight_smile:
Very genuine idea :-)))

nice idea and image!
5 stars.

Very funny. So clever. Gallery Submission! (Where is BgDM when you need him?)

Ha, thats great. 5 stars(really nice lighting, gives a great mood)

How’d you do the blanket? Did you model it or use a soft body? If you modelled it, how do you go about doing such a thing?

I have bad luck with softbodies. The blanket is a grid mesh 10x10. I used the sculpt tools to make it cover the body properly, then added a multires level and added the wrinkles and ruffles.

WoW thats pretty cool any funny to!!
5 StArS!

Lol, makes me think of those alien abduction stories. Eerie lighting as well and fitting for a comical render, though I would’ve made the hallway a bit darker.

If only there was an easy way to rig. I love the concept and execution, 5 stars!

Haha! Very nice work! :eek: :smiley:

I would like to know what you did to get that blue glow/aura around the bones. Any chance of sharing that?


Funny idea !

Great image composition.

I’d really llike to know how you did the lighting and got such a “clear” render.

Did you use AO? … and therefore also ray tracing?

The lighting / materials look very polished and professional.

I never have the patience for long render times, and therefore use minimal lighting and simple materials.

Are the materials on “Hank” the same as in the tutorial? If so, then for sure, it’s your “magic” lighting setup that’s making them look so different.


That’s great. Too bad there isn’t a team of Hanks to do this for real. :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet nice I love the lighting

I like this allot! Every thing!
But i think the main quality of this illustration comes from the camera position. That position gives the expression of the scene.


Lighting: Very big area lamp above the operating table, set to 8 for ray shadow samples, with dither. Simple spots highlighting the walls. AO set to 10, with energy at .3 or so. An area lamp in the hall. Regular lamps with a blue color and Ray shadows and sphere falloff were set at each end of each exposed bone.

The materials on the Hanks are the base materials, but with the Ramps disabled and two different “spotty” textures added.

For the effect on the exposed bones, that was the compositor. A duplicate of the bones was made on a separate layer and given a Wire material. That layer was rendered in a separate Render Layer and glowed/blurred in the compositor.

Maybe the reason for the “cleanliness” is that I rendered at 1760x2250 resolution for print, then heavily down-sampled for the image posted here. I also have a standard battery of post I do in Photoshop (add color noise @ 1%, then blur at .6%, then sharpen once or twice – it’s an attempt to simulate what happens when you shoot a pic with a digital camera.)

Thanks for the compliments – I was really happy with how it turned out too.

I have to say, that this may be one of the best pics Ive seen in some time. Love the concept and art. Good job.

Very cool concept. I say that because i had a similar idea but you actually went through with it. Good job.