Rigging the Pages of a Book

Does anyone know of a tutorial or method for rigging (100+) pages of a book for keyframe animation, as well as having those pages react to a wind (force) emitter? I’m trying to simulate a large book with the pages flipping open as the book falls to the floor, but I need to at times control certain pages (perhaps via armatures). Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I remember seeing these posts a while back, and found them using the forum search tool. They may offer some useful tips.



Best of Luck!

Thanks for the reply. I did find those threads prior to my post, but those don’t address the amount of pages I need to be able to animate (100+); that example only shows a book opening with what looks like a single mesh portraying the pages… I need more control of the pages.

How many distinct pages can the book actually fall-open to?

And… do you actually have to have “distinct objects” for each one? You know, if the difference between the various pages is merely what the pages contain, maybe you can automagically associate “the bitmap for page #X” with the (say, “one and only”…) “visible-page surface” shortly before the book starts doing its thing. The effect is achieved … “page #X is displayed” … but the manner of doing it is simplified (and known only to you).

It’s a “cheat.” Sure it is… maybe even a “hack.” :slight_smile: But it might be useful.

This is what I’m looking for: http://www.garynoden.co.uk/tutorials/QnA_82.pdf

Project Files: http://www.garynoden.co.uk/tutorials/archive82.zip

However, these instructions are for Maya. I could follow along until page 12 or so. Anybody want to attempt creating a Blender version of this book?