Rigging Toolbar and SoftIK example

Hi all. I wrote a little toolbar to for rigging. I was using these kind of functions alot in other apps, so i had to make these in blender too. Put it into your script folder and then in the scripts window: Scripts->Animation->Rigging Toolbar

Button explanations:

Axis - Create parent Empty with same transforms, makes transforms of the selected obejct zeroed out
Child - Create Empty that is child of the selected object
Matched - Create Empty at that shares the parent and transformation of the selected object
Cut - Move selected objects one level up in their hierarchy
Slave - Create Empty that is ChildOf-constrained to the selected object
Master - Create Empty that is ChildOf-constraining the selected object
Select Constraining object - Shows a list of constraint target objects to pick from

Download Link

Second, i made a prototype for SoftIK. I guess i still have to write a script that aplies the constraint more easily. But you can figure how to use it from the Blend-file i guess. The constraint needs to be applied to your IK Handle, the second slot needs to be the root position of your chain (i.e. the first bone).

Download Link