Rigging trouble

I have been following the Big Buck Bunny tutorial and have run into some trouble, maybe its just me but either way i’d like to solve it. I’m at the point where i have created most of the primary bones (spine, limbs, etc). And have gone on to weight painting, it said as i go to test the paint with motion to see what isnt being controlled and all. But as i followed the tutorial there was no point where i was supposed to connect the arms and legs to the spine. So when i go into pose mode and move around the spine/hips the arms and legs stay put and stretch out the mesh.

Do i need to parent the arms to the spine, and legs to the hips? Or is there a different way to go about this.

Any help is appreciated, i’m just a young animator trying to teach himself blender, so any words of wisdom would be nice too :o. There is a website i made to post pictures of all the things i make:http://www.freewebs.com/tuckersanimation/. Any criticism on the things there would be nice too (dont mind the first picture its really bad).

never mind figured it out. but if anyone still cares to take a peek at this post any criticism on the pictures in the link above would be appreciated =D