Rigging Tutorial?

Does anyone have a link to an in-depth rigging tutorial? All I have found on my quest for knowledge is how to rig extruded cubes and cylinders, as well as lots of out of date tutorials. Maybe I am just looking in the wrong places, but can someone point me to a rigging tutorial for more advanced rigging techniques optimized for animation. All I can do in terms of rigs right now is make ones good enough to pose not animate :no:.

its hard to find something up-to-date i will look for something as i look for that to …

How about:


There is an intro to Character Animation and Rigging

Wow I have never seen that page before, but I thought I had looked over the Blender documentation stuff lots :spin: Or maybe it was Noob to Pro or something but I thought they were the same thing. Thanks :smiley:

Once you have the link to the wiki manual, it is easy to forget about the link to the wiki main.