Rigging, vertex groups and clothes

hi all,

please I’m new to animation and rigging. I have imported characters with clothes. when I move bones the relative part of the clothes doesn’t move in the expected way.

can you explain how to make clothes (ie sleeve, or pants) stick to the body of the character and animate correctly?

if any tuts available please share with me


Try this:

  1. Select the clothing in object mode & add a DataTransfer modifier.
  2. For the Source, use the body of your character
  3. Tick the “Vertex Data” box, then click the “Vertex Groups” button
  4. Click the “Generate Data Layers” button and then you can apply the modifier.
  5. Now make sure you parent the clothing to the armature (select clothing, shift select the armature, control+p, choose “Armature Deform”.

hi @Safetyman

thank you for this. but unfortunately as soon as i clicked armature deform the clothing disappears. where do you think i went wrong. i followed your steps exactly as they are

It’s likely that you need to apply all transforms to the armature and anything that is deformed by it, by ctrl-a-> all transforms. After that, it should be safe to parent the clothing to the armature.

yes now it did not disappear but its awkward. clothes are not not moving with body properly

this happens. could simplify be affecting this? as im using it to make things smoother

It’s obviously a weight map/vertex group problem. You might try deleting all the vertex groups, unparenting from the armature (and deleting the armature modifier) applying transforms, and then go thru the steps I posted earlier.

It is so good animation. I can use it but… I can use for make a game and download assets which is wear clothes I can’t make it. So you can also use assets.