Rigging Vertex-Groups / Bones / Armature

Hi :slight_smile:
I´ve got a little problem with rigging…

  1. The first thing I did was to create a new vertex group which i called “Rotation1” :I selected a part of the mesh in edit mode by pressing “L” and assigned it to the new vertex group “Rotation1”-there wasn´t the whole mesh selected because some parts of the mesh aren´t connected -> exactly how i wanted it :slight_smile:

  2. Now I added a single bone to the mesh. I cklicked to the bone icon in the properties and renamed the bone to the name of the vertex-group “Rotation1” (which should be influenced by the bone)

  3. Now I selected my mesh and added the Armature-Modifier to the mesh

  4. There I selected the Armature-System of the bone (ticks in the checkboxes “Vertex-Groups” and “Preserve Volume”)

  5. Now, I thought, the Vertex group of the mesh should rotate as the bone does rotate -but NOTHING happened…I can grabb and scale and rotate the bone as i want without causing any deforming or rotation of the vertex-group of my mesh

-Does somebody know what to to ? :confused:

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There are quicker methods to weight meshes to armature bones… Like the parent methods or example, but anyway.

From what I read.
The “Rotation1” bone should move the mesh vertices, while the armature is in Pose Mode.

If you want the armature to move the mesh, while the armature is in object mode, you will have to set the armature as the parent object.
To do so, select the mesh in object mode RMB, then select the armature in object mode Shift+RMB, then press Crtl+P, Set Parent to Object.
Or, check the Relations Panel, while you have the mesh selected, Properties > Object > Relations > Parent.

The quicker parent methods are also there, when you press Ctrl+P.
With Empty Groups, With Envelope Weights, With Automatic Weights.

With Empty Groups, will set the mesh parent to the armature, add an armature modifier, and add empty vertex groups with the same names as the armature bones.
With Automatic Weights, will do the same, but will also try to weight the mesh to the bones.

worked…:slight_smile: THX !! i was just wondering because i did it just like in a tutorial… i watched it again and again and again…until i saw that it was a earlier version …so maybe it didn´t work because of that…