Rigging with 2.53 beta

I’ve been rigging in 2.49 the way i like to, using vertex group…but when i try to rig like how i usually do with 2.49 in 2.53 beta, it doesn’t seem to work well. I am just stuck at rigging the head part of my character, and assigned all of the vertexes belonging to the “head” to the “head” bone. When i rotate the head bone from the side or any direction, the character’s head seem to rotate faster than the head bone as shone on the video below:

However I want the head to rotate with the head bone like the one shown below:

How do I replicate what you see on the second video on the character on the first video which is being rigged in blender 2.53 beta atm? I swear i have the right settings down. I have deformed on and deform only on vertex groups. However when i parant the object to the rig i notice there isnt a assign to name groups like in 2.49, i picked the assign to empty groups because i did not want it to be deformed by envelopes. mostly because he’s a robot and i prefer to assign the vertex groups myself.

My first guess is: You have two or more armature modifiers applied to the mesh. It is a double transformation for sure. Look inside the modifiers section.

Another guess is: check every vertex group in your mesh, it might be that one of them has vertices assigned to it that shouldn’t be assigned in the first place.